"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story"

- Josh Shipp -

Mentor Requirements: 

  • African American male ages 18 and up

  • Employed, Retired, Students, or Self-Employed preferred

  • Live within 20 miles of Minneapolis metro area

  • Willing to invite youth to home and place of employment on occasion

  • Must be available via phone and email

  • Must interact with mentee outside of their residence

  • Expected to occasionally be involved in school events

  • Expected to attend monthly conversation sessions

  • All applicants will receive a background check. Any crime against children will be disqualified immediately.

Application Instructions: 

The BE THE CHANGE Program matches black male youth in the city with inspirational black male mentors who can guide them in developing better self-esteem, creating healthy relationships, and making positive life choices. BTC is designed to change the mindset and behavior of troubled youth through the positive examples of our Mentors. The mentees will begin to see and experience positive interactions and successful lifestyles which will, in turn, influence their own habits and choices.

In the BE THE CHANGE Mentoring Program, mentors and mentees network in stimulating environments at a planned time and location. Mentees are invited into the households, social networks, and employment sites of the mentors in order to learn about positive interactions, healthy family structures, and career opportunities.

BTC implements a number of initiatives that facilitate and guide mentors to focus on their mentee’s individual needs. Healthy Lifestyles, Self Esteem building, and Anti-violence are initiatives incorporated into the programs through activities and outside facilitators. Along with completing BTC activities, mentors also help their mentees with school work, participate in community events, provide guidance and advice, support extracurricular events, and simply listen to their mentee. The only way for our children to begin to practice healthy lifestyles, they must see it firsthand. BE THE CHANGE Mentoring is setting the example for our black youth. 

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